Hacking College Admissions

Hacking College Admissions

How We Got into Every Ivy League School + $4 Million in Scholarships... And How You Can, Too!

Hacking College Admissions empowers students to achieve their college admissions goals and enables parents to help them along the way. Victor Agbafe and Harold Ekeh, inspiring students who were accepted by all of the Ivy Leagues (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, UPenn, Princeton, and Yale), Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Emory, Vanderbilt, and MIT, and won over $4 million in scholarships share their insight and experiences. FrogTutoring supplements their stories with advice and worksheets to help students identify and achieve their educational goals. *For each copy purchased, FrogTutoring will donate a copy to a student at an underprivileged school.

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What You'll Learn


How do I create and implement an academic plan at each stage of my education that places me above the competition?

Extracurricular Activities

What types of activities and volunteer opportunities should I participate in, how much should I do, and how do I get involved?


How can I use my summers to make myself a more competitive applicant? When do I need to start preparing for summer activities?

Pre-Application Process

Learn how to identify what you want out of a school and identify which schools you want to apply to.

Test Preparation

How do I prepare for the SAT and ACT? How many times should I take each test? Should I enroll in a prep class?


How do I keep track of each school’s application requirements? How do I choose recommendation writers, and how do I ask them to recommend me?

Essays and Résumés

What do I write about in my application essays? What do I include in my résumé?


What can I expect when I go to an admissions interview, and how do I prepare for it? Harold and Victor share their experiences.


How did Harold and Victor win $4 million in scholarships? Where do I find out about scholarships, and which ones should I apply for?

The Choice

I’ve been accepted to several schools that I like. How do I decide which one to attend? Learn how Harold and Victor made the choice.


What does a weekend or Saturday look like for someone who gets into Ivy League universities? Harold and Victor provide a look into their daily schedules.


Read Victor’s common application essay and find additional resources for applications, scholarships, and more.

About Victor Agbafe

Victor, a second-generation American whose parents emigrated from Nigeria, will attend Harvard. The oldest of four and originally from Texas, Victor attended middle school and high school in Wilmington, North Carolina. He was named a Coca-Cola scholar, taught fourth-grade Bible study, and regularly volunteers for political campaigns. Victor aims to be a neurosurgeon and a public statesman. In addition to all of the Ivy League universities -- Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, UPenn, Brown, and Cornell--Victor was accepted to Stanford, Georgetown, the University of North Carolina, Duke, Emory, and Washington University in St. Louis.

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About Harold Ekeh

The oldest of five, Harold emigrated from Nigeria with his family at the age of eight. He will attend Yale University in the fall, aiming to be a neurosurgeon and neurological researcher. He is the salutatorian of his class, some of his accomplishments include being an Intel Science Talent Search semifinalist and co-founding a college prep program at his high school. Harold was accepted to Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, UPenn, Brown, and Cornell (the eight schools identified as Ivy League universities) as well as Vanderbilt, NYU, MIT, Johns Hopkins, and SUNY Stonybrook.

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About FrogTutoring

FrogTutoring is an educational technology platform that facilitates college admissions coaching and one-on-one customized in-home tutoring, offering services on a full range of academic courses, test preparation, and computer summer camps for K-12th and college students. Frog tutors are college students and recent graduates from top local universities with an average GPA of 3.5 or higher in their areas of tutoring specialization and are also mentors to their students. FrogTutoring was founded by CEO Roland Omene in 2009. The company’s headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas, with current operations in more than 30 major cities in the US and growing.

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