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1. Expertise in at least one specific subject area
2. Minimum of 3.0 GPA
3. Previous tutoring experience
4. Punctuality and self discipline
5. Excellent interpersonal skills
6. Passionate about being a mentor and working with students

1. Great Pay
2. Set your own tutoring schedule
3. Get compensated for driving (over a central mileage)
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1. Provide one on one tutoring
2. Teach Organization and Study skills
3. Work a minimum of 5-15hrs a week
4. Coordinate with teachers
5. Create individual lesson plan for student
6. Motivate Students to want to learn, achieve, and be self-motivated


Stephanie D from Atlanta, GA

Subject: Math
Grade Level: Language Lessons
Time: Math and best test practices 

Jalissa V from San Antonio, TX

Subject: College Algebra
Grade Level: College
Time: I'm needing for someone to teach me college algebra so I can be ready before my semester starts in August. And I need someone to teach me from scratch not sure how many hours I need to learn all that. 

Jason P from Miami, FL

Subject: Calculus I
Grade Level: College
Time: Overall review of calculus 1 with analytical geometry, best to contact early afternoon