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Tossed Summer Sight Word Salads

With summer being so near, I find myself craving salads! With a desire for something crisp and clean so heavily on my mind, I thought it would be fun to incorporate that into my classroom! Tossing sight words together and scrambling them up can create a meaningful sight word activity. I snagged these handy flashcards from Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade blog and my students love them!

My students are sight word masters and nothing can stump them. I put a few cards on each of my five tables and the students worked together in groups to unscramble the words. They rotated around the room to complete the activity. After all of the unscrambling, the students worked together in groups to create sentences using the sight words.

Do you do anything special with sight words to really engage your students?
Emilia S
Experience Elementary Literacy Tutor
University of South Florida--St. Petersbu
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