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Orange You Glad It's October?

Don’t you just love October? There’s a little chill in the air and pumpkins are everywhere. In my classroom, we have been studying pumpkins with a fierce intensity. My little Kinder Friends know how they grow, what they can be turned in to and know they are a symbol of Autumn and the harvest season. With all of this pumpkin work on our minds lately, I thought it would be very fun indeed to incorporate pumpkins in our language arts lessons. We just recently started discussing adjectives and working on describing items to stretch out our sentences. Today, we created the sweetest little pumpkin craft and used our new describing skills to make it extra meaningful.I found the most perfect little pumpkin template on Pinterest and quickly printed it. My amazing assistant cut out each pumpkin piece for our 24 Kinder Friends. After a whole group lesson and creating a list of adjectives that describe pumpkins in all of their glory, they got to work! Each student wrote the adjectives on the pumpkin pieces and once they were complete, the pumpkins were stapled together. 

A little brown pipe cleaner finished off the Autumn project. The teacher who created this craft had her older students use the pumpkins for a plot assignment, which would be equally as fabulous. This would also just be a fun craft to do at home on a rainy Saturday. If you decide to create these adorable, orange pumpkins, I am sure that you will whole heartedly enjoy them.

Emilia S
Experience Elementary Literacy Tutor
University of South Florida--St. Petersbu
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