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Autumn Activities

I just LOVE back to school! I have always loved Autumn and getting back into a routine. Summer is simply sweet, but Autumn to me, is awesome. I have a plethora of Autumn activities that I pull out in September every year. The majority of them have been found on Teachers Pay Teachers. One of my absolute favorites are these pumpkin literacy cards, pictured below

They pair perfectly with anticipation guides, offer excellent examples of using textual evidence to answer comprehension questions and have picture and story lines that keep the kiddos excellently engaged. I often purchase books from our Book Fair hosted by Scholastic or straight from Scholastic’s website. As the weeks move forward, I am finding more and more wonderful little goodies to incorporate into my Autumn-themed month. 

Emilia S
Experience Elementary Literacy Tutor
University of South Florida--St. Petersbu
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