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Making Comprehensive Reading encouraging and fun for Young Readers.

Making Comprehensive Reading encouraging and fun for Young Readers.

     The early stage of our lives is the commencing period for everything. It is the stage that sets the pace for our future development, both in terms of character and education. However, when it comes to stepping into the world of alphabet and phonics, the ride could be a little overwhelming. Gearing up for the skill to read comprehensively and coherently, could be a little stretching for the instructor. The exercises could be executed in a way to make it more merry-making for young readers or learners.

   Comprehensive reading is undoubtedly one of the most predominant aspects of learning. It helps in the fluidity of articulation and enhances a better understanding of the subject. In the very early-stage young readers are encouraged to refine their phonics. Understanding the sounds is the very integral part of reading. Once they are familiar with the sounds and the rules of spelling, they are all set to move on to the next stage where they are introduced to the reading mechanism. Commencement of the reading session requires composure and upskilling from the instructor’s end. However, this could be made all fun and games for young readers.

What is Comprehensive Reading? 
 It is a set of instructions, guided by the vocabulary rules, that helps in decoding the underlying meaning of the write-ups and answering the related questions in one’s own understanding. It helps in liberating the mind and gain knowledge from the information of the reading piece.  

Effective Ways to teach Reading to Elementary Readers:

· Attention:
This is very important as it sets a base and pace for the further lesson. Young readers are mostly attracted to colors and pictures (animated mostly). The reading materials should be colorful with known objects, toys, and other props that stand distinctive, attractive, and relevant at the same time.

  Reading Material:
The reading material chosen should be appropriate for the age group concerned and must have colorful pictures, depicting the reading scripture in pictorial representation. ·      

Revision of the phonics and sound before the reading lesson will ensure the instructor about the students’ progress status.

·  Props:
The use of colorful props such as flashcards, stickers, blocks, etc., ensures complete recognition from the young readers.

Young readers should always be encouraged at every progressive step they take, no matter how insignificant it might seem. Words of admiration go a long way to boost the inner self-confidence of a young.

This is the end process that allows the teacher to map the progress status and understanding of the young reader. It is absolutely necessary that the student has a complete understanding of the reading scripture. Open-ended questions regarding the reading piece will encourage their participation and coherent speech.

Appropriate reading material for young readers:

Reading materials and books are the prime sources that drive the interest of the readers. Hence, the selection of the appropriate reading pieces given the age of the reader is very crucial

  The reading content should be appropriate given the age of the reader.
o   As a beginner, books with simple sentences are preferred.
o   Contents should be colorful and engaging.
o   There should be relatable characters with a good moral sense.
o   The story should be carrying important meaning all along the plot.
o   Having meaningful and proper illustrations to liberate the occurrence in the content.  

Importance of Comprehensive reading:

Reading is very important at any and every stages of our life. It is rightly said that books are the friends who never defy your skills and never deny your potential. Books are the best friends who not only give us company and knowledge but also build a humble relationship with the readers that goes a very long way.

Developing Skills:
Comprehensive reading is very crucial for the development of social skills and instigates a sense of comprehensive and coherent vocabulary strength. Reading skills enunciate a sense to analyze the reading subject and presenting one’s opinion. It empowers the reader to understand, analyze and thereby present an idea discreetly or collaboratively. Comprehensive reading also helps in fostering observation and listening skills.

Connecting with the plot and characters.
The readers are very close to the subject and characters that the reading material provides them with. This indulges them in untold and unframed fantasy. They learn to imagine the occurrence of the adventurous incidents narrated by the author and design them with their own imaginations. They give molds and faces to the characters and configures their own adventurous escapade.
The ability to imagine and design their own little fantasy tales is very important for a young soul as it would later on help them in cherishing their early childhood memories.  

  Learning to read is not just a mere necessity or an obligation that we are bound to grasp. The ability to read and write empowers us to do much more than we can possibly imagine. Reading helps us explore new ideas and concepts as it adds meanings to the scriptures. Reading empowers us to venture into the unknown and enlightens our imaginations. Drawing information helps to nurture and nourish both our knowledge and imagination.
   Hence, encouraging young ones to read is a way to navigate them to the route where they can play with their fantasies and enjoy the learnings. Reading opens up new frontiers as we get to know the unknown and explore new avenues.

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