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Can't Decide Which Classes to Take? Maybe Philosophy is Right for You!

          What are my goals? How do I become the best version of myself? What is the meaning of life? If these are questions that flood your mind before going to sleep and keep you at night, then you might be interested in Philosophy. You are not the first person to ask such questions, as they have been long debated for centuries. Philosophy is often thought of as an abstract discipline that is reserved for the very few. However, if you have ever taken the time to try to answer questions like these, then you have already begun on the path of the philosopher! Philosophy offers us valuable insights and develops our understanding of the world surrounding us. So, let us explore some of the reasons why you should continue asking those deep questions and explore what philosophy has to offer.
  1. Develop critical thinking skills: One of the main benefits of studying philosophy is that it can help you develop your critical thinking skills. The art of philosophy revolves around asking questions and analyzing arguments in a systematic manner. While studying philosophy, you'll learn how to identify assumptions, evaluate evidence, and construct logical arguments. These skills are valuable not only in academic contexts but also in everyday life, where we are constantly facing complex situations which require us to make ambiguous decisions.
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of the world: The goal of philosophy is to deepen our understanding of the world in which we inhabit. The fundamental questions with which the study of philosophy concerns itself involve inquiries about reality, knowledge, ethics, and, ultimately, the meaning of life. By engaging and wrestling with these complex questions, we acquire new and unique wisdom about our experiences and come to appreciate the intricacies and richness of life.
  3. Nurture personal growth and self-reflection: Finally, throughout your studies in philosophy, you naturally begin to foster personal growth and self-reflection. As you engage with the unlimited questions about life, you will begin to find meaning and purpose within it. Following this will be a greater sense of self-awareness and introspection. Philosophy helps us better understand and evaluate our own values, beliefs, and goals, and make more informed decisions about how we want to live our lives.
Studying philosophy can offer a wide range of benefits, from developing critical thinking skills to gaining a deeper understanding of the world and fostering personal growth. Anybody can be a philosopher, all it takes is the willingness and awareness to ask the right questions. Next time that difficult question pops into your head, whether you’re in the car or in the shower, don’t run away from it! Who knows? You might just find the answer, or, if you’re lucky, the answer might just find you.
Noah M
Religion, Philosophy, & Writing Tutor
Texas Lutheran University
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