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Best Online Resources for Chemistry

While one-on-one tutoring and instruction like we do here at Frog Tutoring is the best way to learn, online supplemental resources are great for any subject. This is especially true if you're stuck on one concept--which is easy to have happen in a chemistry class. Here are some free resources on the internet that are reliable and helpful.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a website from Salman Khan who decided to create Youtube videos after tutoring his niece. He thought that it would be beneficial for people to learn in a practical manner and for all to see. Khan Academy is a great website for all math and science classes due to the in depth problems he goes into as well as the depth he goes into each subject. Khan breaks down each section in an easy to understand way which is extremely helpful for the visual part in chemistry. Now, there is a whole team who actually teach other subjects as well--business, finance, economics, and many more science courses.

2. ChemTube 3D

This website is great for understanding a bit more on how organic reactions work. The website gives a visual representation of each part of the reaction and show how the electrons move around during each step. This is good for visual learners who have trouble visualizing the mechanisms that go on in organic chemistry. The website also gives an explanation as to what happens during each reaction.

3. MIT Opencourseware

If you have a problem with the way your professor teaches, maybe you just need another lecturer. MIT opencourseware gives tons of course lectures in many subjects given at MIT. They prepare each lecture around more advanced chemistry courses that follows the class structure found in most universities. Why not learn from the smartest in the field?

4. Interactive Periodic Table

This website gives you everything you need for a periodic table. It tells you the melting and boiling points to the electronegativity to even the amount of valence electrons. It even gives you a list of compounds where you can find everything you need. Everything is right at your fingertips without even looking at the back of a book over and over for your information.


If you've tried these and are still stuck, contact a tutor in your area today by visiting the Frog Tutoring website. We even have pages for your city/area, and if you use the menu or search function. If you don't see a page for your city, don't worry--we have instructors nationwide and many of us also use Skype to help students at a distance. Happy learning!
Vincent R
College Math and Science Tutor
University of Illinois at Chicago
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