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Tutor, Mentor, Confidant

Tutoring encompasses far more than coursework, it requires the cultivation of a healthy relationship between the student and tutor. The student must learn they can trust their tutor knowing that whatever is asked of them is only in their best interest. The importance of communication between the student and tutor cannot be overemphasized, many times poor academic performance is impacted by other seemingly unrelated aspects of the students’ lives. We expect students to compartmentalize the elements that make up their everyday lives, we must break this trend that ignores the possible roots of their academic struggles. Knowledge can’t be compartmentalized into neat subjects because every piece of knowledge connects, applies, and builds off of each other in some way. Students taking a Physics course will have to apply Calculus in the course because the two impact each other and cannot be separated. Open up the lines of communication with the student by being firm with high expectations, but also stay relatable and understanding of them and know that their struggle in math may be a secondary problem. As a tutor grow the friendship organically and stay attuned to the student and to anything their parent may want to tell you about their situation. Academic problems can arise or become unmanageable when a student is dealing with social problems, attention problems, mental problems, or unhealthy family dynamics. “All good work requires self-revelation” this quote by writer Sidney Lumet applies to the student, proving that the relationship and communication formed between a student and tutor directly impacts the students ability to learn and move forward.
Experienced Tutor with a Passion to Inspire
Georgia Tech
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