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The Key to a Good College Essay

Students often stress about the college essay. But I think if one embraces the essay as a chance to show these schools who you really are, then the process can get a lot more fun. Be sure to remember that colleges aren't just looking for good students with impressive resumes. They are looking for fun, interesting, socially competent, passionate people that will be part of a student body at their institution. In short, they are looking for more than just academic credentials. So what does this mean? 

I think the fact that colleges and universities are looking at more than just your grades and test scores is a good thing. It means that almost anything about yourself can be spun as a positive attribute; something that makes you the unique snowflake that you are. So I would recommend that you let that part of yourself shine in your essay. But the key word is PASSION. Colleges and universities are looking for one trait almost more so than any other: Passion. They are looking for passionate students who really care about something, whether it be a global cause, pursuing a sport or musical instrument, writing, documenting current events, what have you. It doesn't really matter what it is. If you are really passionate about something in this world, then talk about it in your college essay, and talk about how it has made you who you are. And don't hold back! Just be sure that the passion is overall a positive thing. Basically, don't write about cleaning lint from under beds if that is your great passion. 

And finally, let your parents help you with your essay! They are smart and are a great resources, so don't be afraid to use them.

Best of luck!
Samuel U
Experienced Math, Chemistry & Spanish Tutor
Ohio State University
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