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How Travelling Can Help Your College Essay

Hey Everybody,

As you know, many people use the Holiday Season of approximately December 18th-January 4th or so to travel to various places all over the world. You might not know this, but some of these experiences can be great fodder for a college essay! 

A trip abroad or even to a different United States coast from the one by which you live (or just a 300 mile drive in any direction!) can foster new interests in languages or cultures that you may not even know you have. Many times in this life, you won't know what you think about something or some place until you TRY IT and experience it!

So if you really want to go somewhere that you think would be cool, why not suggest it to your parents? (As long as it is not absurdly expensive like a trip to the Four Seasons in Hawaii). You never know what a vacation could do to spawn a new interest, which could end up changing your life. Small things happen that can lead to different directions taken and passions can ignite like a fire in a matter of weeks. 

In sum, just be enthusiastic and have an open mind! Irregardless of their potential ability to help you write a good college essay, trips to new places are intrinsically fun and enjoyable.

So get off your phone and LIVE your vacation! 
Have fun!
Samuel U
Experienced Math, Chemistry & Spanish Tutor
Ohio State University
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