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4 Key Ways to Stay on Track to Improve Grades

It is overwhelming when you know you have a load of work to do throughout the week, I would know with 4 sciences classes and I often have several papers to write and have tests to overcome. But the more I can predict what needs to be accomplished on a weekly basis, the less I become worried and become a task-taker. If I have improved my grades and study skills it was because I have practiced different methods and seen the results. But one thing is certain, procrastination never helped me because I do not work well under pressure. I have survived every semester with great grades by these 4 key methods.    

           1. Write everything down that is due.             

                - I write everything thing that is due for a class on a 3x5" writing pad for every class in one week.        
                - This includes, assignments, tests, and projects, with due dates.           
                - Then I reorganize them to prioritize them, so that I know what are more urgent.         
                - I will tell you, there is nothing more fulfilling than ripping out that piece of paper, when I have crossed everything on that list out, and crumpling that piece of paper to less than a size of a marble.           

           2. Plan ahead.                        

               - Once the work is prioritized, I give myself enough time to thoroughly look through the material or assignments.           
               - It is key to give yourself at least two days for quizzes; 3-7 days for tests; and two days for assignments.       
               - If you have a project or a paper, then you should give yourself enough time to finish the assignment, so that you can sleep only to go back to look for errors.      
               - Keep a mental check on how much time you want to allow yourself and follow through with action.       

           3. Get the easy assignments out of the way.               

              - I think when you are overwhelmed you often do not know what to do first, but get the easy assignments out of the way.         
              - The homework you know you can fetch out within an hour, this way your list would only get smaller faster and lift some of that burden off of your shoulders.         
              - If you are thinking which of the easier H.W. you should do first, always do the one that is due first, that way it is out of the way.    
              - When you have mastered this,  it becomes clock work and you can be mentally stronger about your work load.

            4. Read instructions carefully.

               - When you are overwhelmed, it is easy to try to finish everything as fast as possible, but it only leads to a lesser grade.
               - When you read the instructions carefully, you can be confident on the guidelines that you need to keep so that you don't lose track of what the assignment needs you to do.
               - Read the instructions over and over again, even if you think you know what you are doing, because you will be able to fulfill the assignment at 100%.
               - You will not only see that your grades improve, but you will finish the assignment in a shorter amount of time without having to correct the work.

   These 4 key methods will never fail you as a student and in your future endeavors. The more you are urgent about your work the more fun you will have because you become less burdened and an over comer. I noticed that the people who do not enjoy school are those who do not do well in school, but anyone can do well in school and enjoy it because they will see their results improve. This can be seen as a life discipline because even professionals have deadlines to keep.

David P
Science and Math Tutor
Georgia Gwinnett College
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