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Improving Your Study Skills

I was once one of those students who would cram information and struggled with how to study and how to do so effectively. I got tired of struggling a decided it was time to make some changes I am still learning but below I will share some of my techniques with you.

1. Youtube Videos

I remember a few years ago one of my teachers suggested that I use Youtube Videos to get an understanding of any information I did not understand in class. I never applied the technique of youtubing videos until I was preparing for an exam and was in desperate need of grasping a specific topic. The trick to watching Youtube videos is not just finding topics on the topic you are struggling with, but finding someone who explains it in a way conducive to you're learning style. Be sure to take notes and then go through them afterward and integrate them with your notes. If watching videos on subjects such as the sciences and math, be sure to do application to make sure your fully grasp the information

2.Study in the Morning and Early Evening

After a long day of class or work,(for those of us who study and go to school), we are mentally exhausted at night. I used to torture myself trying to stay up late and study until I realized I could not do it anymore because it wasn't effective. After trial and error I realized mornings were perfect because that's when our minds are refreshed and Early evening works too because though we may be tired we are still slightly alert then.

3. Spread out your Studying, Don't cram

So earlier I mentioned that I was a crammer, but that was because I was a procrastinator, like many of you who read this may be. Procrastinating is a bad habit (I'm still working on breaking this habit), and it can be our worst enemy. When we try to cram information before a test, it's hard for us to grasp everything. I suggest creating a schedule over a span of a few days to do any readings, go through and add to notes, as well as do any practice problems. This allows you to ensure that you fully grasp the information. Also it allows you the ability to go to your professor or teachers for any lingering questions as well as to clarify anything you still don't quite understand.

For those who have techniques but needed some helpful addition, may this be of your benefit and for those of who you are still struggle of where to begin, this is a good start. Remember that learning how to study is done by trial and error. All of our minds function differently, but don't give up, keep trying until you find what works best for you.

Happy Studying!
Rachel S
Experienced Math and English Tutor
Howard University
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