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How to Take Academic Responsibility

As you move up in school you gain more and more responsibility. By the time you are in college you are managing your own schedule without your parent's help. Responsibility can be a huge stress factor for a lot of students as they go through school. I felt this the most towards the end of my high school career, and now as I am adjusting to college life. It can feel like a lot but the more you learn to handle it earlier on in school, the better off you will be for your future. So, here are my tips and what I have learned so far.

1. Keep A Planner or List
I know this is going to sound pretty redundant but it is what has been helping me the most. In jr. high and high school I kept a planner because it was easy to see due dates and what needed to be done that night. College is a little different in that you have (most of the time) a week to do your assignments, so I have found that making an active list of my due dates for classes is the best option for me. There are lots of ways to do this, just keep up with your assignments.

2. Keep A Calendar of the Month for Your Social Life
Not only is keeping track of your academics important, but keeping track of your social life like your extracurriculars is important. Balancing your academics with your social life can be kind of tricky. Although, it is really important to know when to take breaks and relax. You don't want to only focus on your social life or only focus on your academics, and know that there is no perfect balance that works for everyone. Everyone has a different personality and lifestyle so that balance is different for everyone.

3. Prioritize
This is also very important but similar to the last two, organizing both your social responsibilities and academic responsibilities at the same time is vital. If you don't prioritize then you could end up doing work you want to do that isn't due before other assignments, and then you end up missing whole assignments. 

These are my top 3 tips to taking academic responsibility that probably apply more to high school and college but can also be applied to more lower level schooling. I hope this was helpful.
Haille S
Experienced Adobe, Math, & Economics Tutor
University of Texas in Dallas
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