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9 Ways to CRUSH Any Math Class!

9 Ways to CRUSH any Math Class 

1.     Practice! Practice! PRACTICE!!!   

Like my middle school teacher used to always say, math is like a sport. If you don’t practice it daily, you’ll never get better at it! Do a couple practice problems daily as a sure way to improve with your skills.    

2.     Focus on the DIFFICULT.    

The satisfaction of getting one type of problem right is awesome, but if you keep doing easy problems that you are already comfortable doing, you won’t improve in other areas! Push yourself and try to tackle harder, more challenging math problems so that you gain the confidence to do ANYTHING!    

3.     DON’T wait to get help.    

Having trouble trying to understand a problem by yourself? Your tutor, your teachers, and your peers are here for a reason! Ask your teacher the MOMENT you are confused about something. Squash your doubts right then and there so you can move along to understanding the rest of the concepts. If you’re shy about talking to your teachers, and have friends who understand the material better than you do, ask them! If you have me as your tutor, I’m so happy to clarify things for you as I’m sure other tutors are as well. That’s what we’re here for!    

4.     WHITEBOARDS are your best friend.    

Buy yourself a lap whiteboard (I got mine on Amazon) and a whiteboard marker. Not only are they fun to write on, but you can correct your mistakes without scribbling and erasing all over your work. This makes for cleaner writing, and easier math practice. Just erase and start all over!    

5.     TALK yourself through problems.   

It sounds crazy, but it actually works. Don’t just tell yourself what you’re doing, also think about WHY you’re doing it. Sometimes, holding your own hand and echoing your thoughts out loud can clarify a lot. “I’m going to add this to the other side because...” Sometimes, you catch yourself doing things for the wrong reasons and this helps you catch your errors! “Wait a second...I can’t add this, I need to subtract!”    

6.     DON’T study the day before a math test!    

The easiest mistake to make is to put off studying until the last minute, but if you have questions about a topic the day before, you won’t be able to get them answered. Give yourself a week in advance to study and understand your weak spots.   


7.     PACE yourself.   

It’s essential to know your limits when you’re practicing math. Sometimes doing a certain topic for too long causes you to overwork your brain, and make mistakes that you wouldn’t usually make. Sit back for a second, take a 5 minute break (preferably not using technology), eat a snack, take a lap around the room to stretch, etc...your brain will thank you for it!     

8.     REFRESH your mind on old topics.   

If you get bored studying a certain topic, try to revisit old ones. This way, you don’t forget how to do them when you have to recall them on an exam or quiz.    

9.     BELIEVE in yourself.   

I know that during my time taking math classes, (especially right now as I take Calculus 2) it’s really easy to give up and say “I’m never going to understand this stuff...” or “Maybe tomorrow I’ll try instead...”, but put MIND over MATTER and give yourself that push! You can do this.   

10. BOOK me as your tutor! 

Live at or near the University of Maryland - Baltimore County? Book me as your tutor so I can help you with your math struggle! We'll get through this together!!

Jasmine B
Math, Chemistry & Physics Tutor
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
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