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6 Essential Habits for a Successful Student

     6 Essential Habits for a Successful Student
What separates an average student from a successful student? More times than not there is no considerable difference in the intelligence of students, but rather the routine and habits of the students.  
This outline will provide you with successful habits that you can apply to your everyday academic routine. There is always room for improvement! 

1.  Successful students SET GOALS!
 Goals are a great way for students to stay on track, while also keeping them honest.   When you set concrete goals for yourself, it’s easier to become motivated and measure your success in those goals. If you don’t have goals in sight, you have nothing to achieve or strive for in your courses. 
Make sure the goals are realistic! Although it’s okay to challenge yourself, you shouldn’t set yourself up for failure, either.  
 Remember, it’s always a good idea to set higher goals once you’ve achieved your first set.  
2.  Successful students are WELL-RESTED
 This step can’t be stressed enough!  
If you’re awake and alert, you’re certainly more likely to absorb information given in class, during study sessions and in-class activities and participation.  
Make it a habit to get 6-8 hours of undisturbed rest at night.  
 In addition to attending class, a successful student makes it a habit to learn the many ways outside the classroom they can supplement their academics. There are a variety of resources available to aid students in thriving and achieving in class.  
There are a variety of resources available to aid students in thriving and achieving in class; Teacher Assistants, teacher office hours, and study review sessions are a few widely available resources a student should utilize to implement into their routine. 
 Ask questions! You're in school to learn, so don't be afraid to do just that!  
4.  Most Successful students have STUDY BUDDIES  

 Collaborating with other students is a great way to learn. Try finding like-minded, success-hungry students like yourself, in your classes. This can also help expand your social group and you’re more likely to stay focused on the school work.  
 Students who form study groups with one another can often learn more through learning by teaching. When students explain concepts to one another, they are more likely to learn and absorb the information.  
Additionally, students that need clarification on difficult subject areas can ask peers to be able to better understand the course materials.  
5.  Successful students NEVER PROCRASTINATE!!  
Along with great time management skills, successful students never wait until the last minute to study, do homework, or any other task.  
 No one works well under pressure. If you put off your work until the day (or worse, the night) before it’s due, you’ll have to work in an incredible rush and under crazy pressure.  
The best way to avoid procrastination is to develop a weekly schedule detailing what you plan to accomplish for that week. This will also help you stay on track! 
 6.  Successful students are CONSISTENT!  

 Last but surely not least, consistency. All the above tips would be useless if they aren’t followed regularly. Success isn’t achieved by what you do, but how often you do it.  
Consistency is the “glue” that holds everything together!            
Chibueze I
Math and Science Tutor
San Jacinto College
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