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Study Skills & Learning Styles

Throughout my academic career I was always very busy with various activities and I would procrastinate if I had too much free time, so I had to develop good study skills to help me excel in school.  I utilized a variety of learning techniques that I could effectively teach my students to help them succeed in all of their classes. 

Every student is different so I will teach each student different techniques that will assist them depending on their type of learning style.  I think it is very important for students to develop a schedule of everything that they are working on and how much time they have to devote to each class every week. That way each student can see how  hours they have available to spend on every assignment and they can visualize the importance of starting certain assignments early.  This is especially important if the student is involved in other activities that take a good part of their time after school or if this is a difficult subject for him/her.  We will work together and figure out a way that they can spend their time efficiently on each subject and not waste a lot of time.  

I will also use different methods of teaching depending on each student’s learning style.  I am mostly a visual and kinesthetic learner and it helps me when I physically write things down on a white board and then see what I have written.  Some students learn more effectively by listening to the concept over and over again and using songs or mnemonics to remember key concepts.  I will figure out the best teaching method that works for each of my students to help them achieve their goals. I have also taken multiple standardized tests and I have developed many test taking strategies that I can teach to my students to help them succeed.  

Effectively managing my time while taking exams has always been something that I struggled with in school and I had to practice taking exams under timed conditions.  It is very important students learn not to take too much time on any particular question and not to move too quickly through exams and miss questions that they could have gotten correct.  I believe that I can help my students develop these skills in order to improve their test taking strategies on standardized tests as well as exams in throughout elementary school, high school, and college. 

Kristen Z
Tutor/Teacher/Mentor/Law School Graduate
University of Miami
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