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Pearson's Language Test for English Language Leaners (PTE)

Hello Everyone! I hope that you are having a wonderful day! Many ESL students want to know if Pearson's English Language Test is comparable to the TOEFL? Well, many people agree that there are pros and cons to both tests; however, with the PTE test one can get his or her scores back in half the time as soon as five days! WOW! That is very quick; also, with the PTE test there is no room for human error on evaluating the Speaking section, because everything is done entirely online. However, on the TOEFL exam during the first part of the Speaking section you are actually stating your answer aloud to someone. As we all know, sometimes there can be bias without actually knowing or being aware of it. Please look at both tests before you make a decision or if you can afford it, then quite simply take both of the exams! That way you have a better shot at getting a score that you deserve. Also, remember that the older you are the harder it is to learn a second language. Please study hard for several hours a day and thoroughly prepare for either of these tests! There are study workbooks available online through Amazon or you may order from a Barnes and Noble bookstore if you prefer. Also, if you need tutoring on either of these tests do not hesitate to contact me!

Yours in ESL,

Tracey Pogue/ ESL Instructor

Tracey P
Exemplary English and ESL Tutor
Eastern Kentucky University
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