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Five Ways To Succeed Every Semester

Do Homework Regularly 

Of course this is easier said than done, but when done properly it can be extremely rewarding. Setting aside time everyday to finish homework for your class has many benefits such as lessening your workload, making the subject easier to understand, and making homework easier to complete. When you do homework regularly for a class you are training your brain to understand the ideas and concepts that are being taught in that class and as a result it will be much easier to excel in that course. Not only does it train your brain it also trains your muscles. By doing something repeatedly everyday your muscles start to become accustomed to it, whether it be typing on a computer or writing on a piece of paper the more you do it the easier it will be! Lastly doing homework regularly will significantly lessen your workload and have you feeling much more at ease compared to if you procrastinated and tried to do a week's worth of work in one day. 

Have The Right Friends 

This can often be overlooked and not thought of at all, but the people around you can play a big role in your habits. If you have friends that do not do their work often and tend to slack and put off academics then you may follow suit. It is best to be around students that are motivated and encouraging when it comes to schoolwork because it will help you stay focused! I'm not saying that you should cut all ties with your friends that are not studious pupils, but knowing when you should and should not be around certain people when working can help a lot when trying to succeed in school. 

Use The Textbook 

Often times when a student is struggling in the class it is not the subject, but in fact it is the teacher. Every teacher has a different method of teaching their subject and it may not work for every student so when all else fails use the textbook! It will be a much better use of your time to read the textbook and do the practice problems if there are any than to sit in a class and learn nothing at all. 

Manage Your Classes 

We have all at one point felt overwhelmed with work from the multiple classes we have to take for school and it can get out of hand! It is best to map out all your assignment deadlines and then plan which day and time to work on them. Keeping a schedule for when to do each assignment can help you avoid forgetting an assignment and working on multiple assignments all at once! 

Keep A Calm Mindset 

Stressing over a class is something that many students go through and stressing can only make things worse! Stressing can cause you to make mistakes on assignments or tests, affect your sleep schedule, and even affect your motivation to succeed. An easy way to reduce stressing from school is to follow the previous four tips mentioned. If you are already doing the previous four tips mentioned then great, but make sure to do everything in moderation! Overworking yourself is just as bad as underworking yourself! Make sure to take breaks from schoolwork and studying because if you do it for prolonged periods of time it can become very tiring which may impair your learning abilities.
Allen L
Experienced in Science, Math
West Los Angeles College
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