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Three Ways Color Can Help You Succeed In College


1. Daily Planner- Keeping a planner in college is the best and most sufficient way of keeping track of assignments, exams, homework, and the normal everyday plans you have. Anyone who has tried a planner before knows, it can get messy and confusing. There comes a point where you don’t know what you wrote, the pencil smeared, so you don’t know which class has a quiz on Thursday. COLOR CAN SOLVE THIS ISSUE! Find colored, thin tip markers, and make a key at the front of the calendar; give each class a color: blue for Math, pink for Science, orange for History, etc. If you have a job, give that a color. Anything you have every week should get a color. Everything you write in the calendar has to be in the colored marker that the note corresponds to.  Say, you have a test in History on Friday: the word “Test” in the Friday box in orange, so then it takes up way less space, and won’t smear! Have a color for “personal” items, like a doctor’s appointments, grocery store, or social events. I like to make this my favorite color because I find this stuff the most fun! This way, when you open your calendar you can quickly find what you need, and you know exactly where it goes.

2. Notes- I cannot stress enough how important color is in your notes!! When you go to class, come with just a normal black or blue pen, and take your notes using that. In addition, use highlighters! Highlight key terms in yellow, examples in green, things you have questions about or don’t understand in green. DO THIS DURING CLASS!! After class when you are at home, go back through your notes and use those colors! Define your key terms, redo the examples, and try to find answers to the parts of the lecture you maybe didn’t understand. Read the textbook with your notes open right next to it and use the colored pens from your planner to add in extra info that may be on the test. You won’t believe how much this helps in the daily life of understanding your class material and reinforcing ideas. It makes studying for things much more entertaining because the notes look beautiful  

3. To Do Lists- Last, a great place to use color is in a To Do List. This goes hand in hand with the daily planner mentioned earlier. Each week, take all the items you see in your planner and organize them on a separate sheet of paper. Then, for each item, write tasks you can do or steps you can take to complete the item and check it off the list. For example, if you have an Exam in your Math Class on Friday, some steps you can take to help study would be to redo the homework assignments, go over the lecture notes from class, and plan a study group with a friend. Now that all these tasks are writtenout, still in their colors, you can prioritize by what needs to be done. That way, you aren’t cramming at the last minute trying to study or finish a book report because you forgot about it. The colors help keep track of what class you’re doing things for, or what subject you really need to focus on. You may have one assignment in math, and one in history, but if there are more steps to take for the math assignment, which is a test, you know you need to spend a lot more time on math than on history.
Mary H
Biochemistry Major Great in Science/Math
California State University, Sacramento
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