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Top 10 Reasons to Try Summer Enrichment Programs

Ahh, summer. The time of rest, relaxation, and hot weather. Not so hot during the summer as it turns out? Remembering all those valuable lessons from the past school year. Many studies have shown that students’ retention decreases significantly during the summer months, and there’s also evidence that once the new school year starts students have a hard time regaining their momentum. It takes on average two to three months for students to mentally adjust to being back in an academic mindset and recover the material that they learned the previous school year. It takes longer for students to be able to move forward with the curriculum, which may set them back or put them at a disadvantage for the following school year. Summer enrichment programs help keep the mind active and reduce the risk of a lower retention rate throughout the summer months.
Check out our top ten reasons to enter your child in a one-on-one Summer Enrichment Program!

1- Knowledge Retention 
Making a series of appointments with a tutor for students sets them up for success in the future. Continuing to work on academics, even for only a few hours a week decreases the chances that students will forget the material from the past school year. Not only will they have a better chance to retain the material from the past school year, but they’ll also be better equipped for the year to come! 

2- Focus
The homework that tutors will give your child will help them to focus on one area of study for a short time every day.  While this may not seem like a lot- trust us, a little bit can go a long way when it comes to keeping up that academic momentum. Practicing focus increases the retention of all material learned in the past school year.

3- Summarizing Lessons
Following a lesson, all good tutors ask their students to summarize what they just learned. Not only is this excellent practice in verbal communication, but it also allows students to remember information through more than one channel! By summarizing with a tutor, students will be able to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and be better prepared when the new school year starts.

4- Customization
In summer enrichment programs, tutors can really focus on helping their students hone and develop their learning styles. There are all different types, and it’s not one size fits all. When students understand how they can best process and retain the knowledge presented to them in school will make them wildly more successful and encourage independent thinking and evaluation.

5- Studying is fun!
Good tutors are able to help their students rethink the concept of studying. It doesn’t have to be a chore all the time! By stimulating their curiosity, tutors encourage students to develop a genuine love for learning and thirst for knowledge. Summer is also a great time to really delve into subjects we find interesting! Focusing on a subject that a student finds fascinating can really help them learn how to best study for those subjects they may find not-so-interesting when the school year comes around.  

6- Cultivation of safe spaces
In summer enrichment programs with one-on-one sessions, tutors are able to create a safe, nurturing environment where students and children can be open to understanding what their academic strengths and weaknesses are, which can make prepping for the upcoming school year much easier! 

7- Preparation for the new school year 
Students who take part in summer tutoring will be far more likely to not only remember the curriculum of the previous year but to have a head start for the following semester! 

8- Consistency
Meeting a with a tutor every week for an hour or two can help students to keep a regular schedule, which not only makes the transition between summer and the school year much easier but fosters good organization and can help get priorities in order! 

9- Adaptation
One-on-one tutoring can be incredibly helpful when it comes to developing, personalizing, and customizing a student’s academic needs.  Students will have an easier time adapting to their new classes, new teachers, and new curriculum when they have had a chance to learn what they are capable of and what needs more work.

10- Independence 
Tutoring can be instrumental for students developing a sense of independence and independent learning. In tutoring, students learn to study and figure things out on their own. No matter what the subject, teacher, or type of class they will be able to adjust, adapt and be successful.

We’re looking forward to helping students of all ages keep up the good work during the summer as part of our Summer Enrichment Programs! Contact us today for more information or to get started!
Sarah M
Professional English & Liberal Arts Tutor
Texas Christian University
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