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Frog Tutoring Releases Essential Fort Worth ISD Statistics as Infographics

Infographics reveal facts on demographics, enrollments, revenue, test scores and vital data for families

FORT WORTH, TX - April 27, 2015 - The educational technology platform Frog Tutoring has completed its yearly study of key metrics within Fort Worth ISD. Frog Tutoring created infographics detailing facts, statistics, and figures that Fort Worth parents and students may want to know regarding the district. Graduation rates, test scores, salary, ratio of students to teachers, and percentage of students receiving free lunches are examples of the infographics statistics Frog Tutoring released. These facts and numbers reveal a variety of important information that can help paint a clearer picture of Fort Worth ISD as a whole.

“We are excited about sharing our infographics with the public. We believe it’s a great opportunity for people in the Fort Worth area to learn more about their school district. At Frog Tutoring, we believe sharing this information is important because families can see the areas of growth and the need for improvements within the school district. Parents can utilize this information to seek school officials on how they can help or learn more,” said Roland Omene, Frog Tutoring CEO and Founder.

Significant facts and figures include:

  • According to the most recent Texas Academic Performance Report in 2013, 50% of Fort Worth ISD students are college and career ready. In contrast, 56% of students in Texas collectively are college and career ready. 
  • When comparing standardized test scores by race, white students perform better than other students with an average ACT score of 23.0 and SAT score of 1,611. Black students have the lowest performance with an average ACT score of 16.3 and SAT score of 1,185.
  • 60% of students at Fort Worth ISD receive free or discounted meals.
  • Fort Worth ISD educates 84,360 students in grades K-12 in 130 schools. (2013)
  • The graduation rate for Fort Worth ISD’s 82.1%, whereas the graduation rate for the state is 88% graduation.
  • The average number of students per teacher is 16. This is similar to the average number of students per teacher in Texas, which is 15.4.

Based on our research and the performance metrics evaluated by Frog Tutoring, Fort Worth ISD is lagging behind the state averages in certain key areas such as test scores and college readiness. However, FWISD has seen an increase in the percentage of students taking AP/IB classes as well as an increase in the graduation rate compared to previous years. Additionally, teachers at FWISD have a higher salary than the state average, which is $49,692.

The facts and figures for the infographics were collected from the Texas Academic Performance Report, Civil Rights Data Collection website, National Center for Education Statistics, and Fort Worth Independent School District website. This infographics study was conducted by Frog Tutoring Fort Worth Tutors.

Frog Tutoring is an educational technology platform that facilitates one-on-one, in-home tutoring offering a full range of academic courses & test prep.

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Full Infographic:

Fort Worth ISD Schools & Enrollment Infographic:

Fort Worth ISD Money & More Infographic:

Fort Worth ISD Tests & Success Rates Infographic:

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