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3 of The Best Studying strategies for the SAT

1. REWARD YOURSELF Practice makes perfect... Well, not quite. Perfect practice makes perfect. It is just as easy for a student to create bad habits when studying for a practice exam as for them to make good ones. In order to make meaningful progress on improving SAT scores, the student needs to enjoy what he/she is doing and feel like they are making progress. Parents or students should have some sort of reward when they are done studying. This trains your body to focus more when studying and gives you an incentive for quicker and better results. 

2. TAKE BABY STEPS In order to improve your score you need to know what you do not know. It is best to take a full practice exam, in increments if needed, to find out what areas you have a weakness in. Then in sections you don't understand go one question at a time and check your answers. This way when you learn from question 3 how to find a derivative you can start cementing it as knowledge on question 8 when you need to use the same process. As opposed to going through the whole exam, getting questions 3 and 8 wrong, and being no better off because of it.

3. THINK LIKE COLLEGE BOARD There are so many questions on the SAT and ACT that have a good answer and better answer format. This means that while answer choice b is a good answer choice d is even more correct. Questions like these can be the difference between getting a 10/10 and 9/10 and depending on the SAT curve this can amount to many points off. When studying make mental notes of the types of questions the college board throws at you. Be sure to understand why some answers are better than others. The SAT is very different every year but it also so so similar. Taking mental notes of their mischievous questions will undoubtedly help come test time.

Bjorn S
SAT & Math Tutor
College of William and Mary
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