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Summer Enrichment Tutoring For K - 12 With Free Assessment

When COVID-19 interrupted the spring semester, Frog Tutoring was able to step in and provide free instructor-led classes for K-12 students whose education was disrupted by COVID-19. This initiative ended in May and it benefited over 1000 students across the nation.

We are highlighted by local and national media for the work being done by our tutors.

Now we’re moving into Phase Two of our plan to assist students whose education is still being disrupted by COVID-19. The objective of our Summer Enrichment For K-12 students is to make sure they are ready for their core classes when the fall semester resumes.

Why Summer Enrichment for K-12?

Studies show, on average, that students lose 20% of the knowledge gained from the end of one academic year to the beginning of the next school year if they do not participate in a summer learning plan. Most experts agree this number might rise 35% due to the academic disruption of the pandemic. It can take up to 10 weeks for students to get back on track for the next school year if no summer enrichment is done.

How our summer enrichment works:

1. We provide a free assessment in each subject you enroll your student in. The objective of this assessment is to determine your child’s readiness for the fall semester. If your student is going into 5th-grade math, we will evaluate how ready he or she is ready for 5th-grade math (time permitting we can even work ahead).

2. Using a structured curriculum from CK - 12 Education Foundation, our instructors will prepare their class for the fall semester and start fresh in the Fall, ahead of their classmates.

Cost and what you get:

  1. Free Assessment + 12 - 16 total hours of tutoring completed in 4 - 6 consecutive weeks
  2. Detail reporting from the instructor after each lesson
  3. Cost: $55/hr (discount to $35/hr for a limited time period)

K -12


  • Math
  1. Algebra 
  2. Geometry
  3. Calculus
  4. Reading: 1st grade through 7th grade 
  5. Chemistry 
  6. Physics
  7. Spanish

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