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Meet John N. of New York!

We are pleased to introduce Frog Tutor John N. John actively tutors all levels of students and has received many superior reviews from his clients. It is because of his efforts that we recognize John this week. 

Why did you choose to become a tutor for Frog Tutoring?  
I started tutoring as an undergraduate and really enjoyed the work.  I was breaking down barriers to help my students understand the material and succeed academically.  Frog Tutoring offered an excellent platform for me to continue doing the work I loved. 

What has been one of your most memorable experiences at FrogTutoring so far? 
One student was so grateful for my help that after the tutoring was finished they invited over for dinner with their family.  The meal was delicious and the atmosphere was warm and inviting.   

If you could give a piece of advice to your students and other FrogTutoring students, what would it be? 
Always compartmentalize.  It's easier to achieve your goals if you break them up into manageable pieces and  keep moving forward. 

If you could have any person (living, dead, or fictional) as a tutor, who would it be and why?
Gary Becker.  He was an economist who transformed the field by looking at social issues such as discrimination and marriage using economic models and thought processes.  A session with him where I could pick up on his creativity and unique perspective would have been wonderful.

To learn more about John and to book him as a tutor, visit his profile here