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Meet Our Sacramento English & Math Tutor Mark S!

Welcome back to our tutor spotlight where we will be featuring some of our tutors and their clients! This week, meet Mark S., one of our Sacramento tutors. Today's post will give you a brief introduction to Mark, his interests, and his tutoring experience. On Our next post, we will feature one of Mark's students along with one of their parents! Read below to learn more about Mark (fun fact: he played the piano at the Governor's Mansion in 8th grade).

Frog Tutoring: Why did you choose to become a tutor for Frog Tutoring? 
Mark: Frog Tutoring makes it easy for a  local tutor to get his message across to clients. They give you referrals, which helps when you  are starting out, as most people won’t choose a tutor without reviews. Now I have an active  account with great reviews, I now sell myself on Frog Tutoring. Frog Tutoring also pays  IMMEDIATELY, a terrific advantage over those that pay once per month!

FT: What has been one of your most memorable experiences at Frog Tutoring so far? 
Mark: One learned so much in my ACT prep, he was able to help his younger brothers. They, in turn, helped  each other based on the strategies I taught to their brother. This saved the family money, and I  earned their sincere gratitude and trust.

FT: If you could give a piece of advice to your students and other Frog Tutoring students, what would it be? 
Mark: Believe in yourself. You know more than you think you do, and no one class defines who you are. Sometimes you need to just get through a class, sometimes you need to excel in it.  Either way, you can do it. If your teacher doesn't help, the right tutor can.

FT: If you could have any person (living, dead, or fictional) as a tutor, who would it be and why? 
Mark: I had a living tutor who taught me more about life and my profession than any teacher ever did.  He was patient, kind, smart….. I won’t forget him until the day I die. His name was Ron Coldwell and he is an ex supervisor of mine. I try to model myself after him. As far as an  historical figure goes, is there any better that than the one who lived approximately 2000 years ago, and is the subject of the most famous book in print?

FT: You’re a tutor in Sacramento, CA. What do you think is your must do/see experience in Sacramento? 
Mark: The Delta King riverboat is a wonderful experience for gatherings, dining and events.

You can find out more about Mark, the subjects he teaches, and request him by clicking on this link!