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Meet Chantal M: Tutor & Psychology Major From San Antonio!

For this tutor spotlight, we are featuring Chantal M. She is studying psychology with a minor in criminal justice at UT-San Antonio, and she is hoping to become a child advocate. The subjects she teaches include history, psychology, and algebra. This spotlight also features an interview with Debra, who is the mother of Sebastian, one of Chantal's students.  Read below to find out more about Chantal's experience at Frog Tutoring! 

Frog Tutoring: Why did you choose to become a tutor for Frog Tutoring?
Chantal: I wanted to become a frog tutor 1st because I just love tutoring. I love being able to be there for the kids. After going through all the information before applying, i knew that this would be a great place for me to be at! Even through the phone interview, I got to see how friendly people are and how willing they are to help. I really appreciate that! 

FT: What has been one of your most memorable experiences at Frog Tutoring so far?
Chantal: I think it had to be every moment, I love when i get to take time out of my day and spend it with them! I love having fun with them but also learning! I enjoy when they say “I helped a lot” or “I do a great job of explaining things”. Its so rewarding to know that i am making an impact in their lives! 

FT: If you could give a piece of advice to your students and other FrogTutoring students, what would it be? 
Chantal: I would encourage them to just keep pushing through! Things get hard and school gets overwhelming but when you take it little by little and see the progression, it energizes you to keep going! And to remember that you aren't doing it alone, there are people who would love to help you! 

FT: If you could have any person (living, dead, or fictional) as a tutor, who would it be and why?  
Chantal: I would love to be tutored by Martin Luther King! I just love his character and His views! He did everything with love and he was really smart! I would love to even just talk to him once for an hour! I know he is a great teacher and has such a huge influence on people of all ages!
FT: You’re a tutor in San Antonio, TX. What do you think is your must do/see experience in San Antonio? 
Chantal: I think anyone who comes to San Antonio, has to come and see the downtown riverwalk and go see the alamo and all the other missions. San Antonio has a lot of Texas history 


FrogTutoring: What brought you to Frog Tutoring in particular?
Debra: We were looking for a tutor or tutors for our three children. We also needed a tutor to be able to come to the house with flexible hours, and good communication skills.
FT: Do you believe Chantal has helped Sebastian achieve his educational objectives?  
Debra: Yes, Chantal has been really instrumental in Sebastian's grades . He has been on the honor roll since Chantal has been tutoring him.

FT: How would you personally rate FrogTutoring in terms of professionalism, attitude, and commitment on the part of the tutors?  
Debra: Excellent work with the children and with our crazy kid's schedule!!

FT: Would you recommend FrogTutoring to your friends and family?
Debra: Yes I would.

FT: How has Chantal helped Sebastian with his studying and learning skills?
Debra: Sebastian is using his calendar book more now and really trying to stay with his work that is due on a more timely basis. I was once told by his teacher's at SMH ,that consistency with his tutor was very important and I definitely agree.
FT: How has Chantal influenced Sebastian's motivation to do his homework?
Debra: Yes , Chantal has helped with his motivation. Just last Friday we spoke of his staying more organized due to his work with Chantal. Thank you for sending us such a great tutor!!!!

In case you didn't know, Chantal was nominated for tutor of the Month this past January! Here's a video she created about her experience at Frog Tutoring!

To learn more about Chantal, the subjects she teaches, her tutoring approach, and request her as your tutor, check out her tutor profile: