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Meet Sarah M: Experienced English & Arts University Tutor!

We would like to introduce you to Sarah M., currently a junior Theatre Studies major at Texas Christian University with a cumulative GPA of 3.98. She has had 16 years of classical ballet training, and has climbed 7 "14'er" mountains! This spotlight features an interview with Sarah, Maggie, who is one of Sarah's students, and Sue, who is Maggie's mother. Read below to find out more about their experience with Frog Tutoring!

Frog Tutoring: Why did you choose to become a tutor for Frog Tutoring?
Sarah: I chose to work for Frog Tutoring because I liked what they stood for: assisting students in learning at their own pace, and coming alongside students as an example rather than a totalitarian authority figure.  

FT: What has been one of your most memorable experiences at FrogTutoring so far? 
Sarah: So far, my most memorable experience has been seeing the students I work with go through a remarkable transformation in study habits in just under six weeks!  

FT: If you could give a piece of advice to your students and other FrogTutoring students, what would it be? 
Sarah: That everyone studies differently, and everyone learns differently. The key is to hone in on the exact habits that will be most beneficial and expanding on those.  

FT: If you could have any person (living, dead, or fictional) as a tutor, who would it be and why? 
Sarah: Aristotle: Not only because he wrote the first theatrical criticism but because he has shaped so much about the way that Western culture thinks about language and storytelling. I'd also love to get the comedic equivalent of Poetics. We know what tragedy should look like, but not comedy.  

FT: You’re a tutor in Fort Worth, TX. What do you think is your must do/see experience in Fort Worth? 
Sarah: The Kimbell Art Museum: I think the fact that you can stroll into a museum free of charge and see Michelangelo, Monet, Manet, Bernini, and 3000 year old Bablyonian art is pretty cool! 


Frog Tutoring: What brought you to Frog Tutoring in particular? 
Sue:  I had heard of it and was desperate to find a tutor because my daughter was failing quizzes and the school did not provide any instruction for study skills.

FT: Do you believe Sarah has helped Maggie achieve her educational objectives?  
Sue: Yes, I think she has provided a model of how a high achieving student studies.  Since the study strategies have helped, I think my daughter is more motivated to use them in the future.  Before, I don't think she believed that if she used different strategies, it would make a difference.

FT: How would you personally rate FrogTutoring in terms of professionalism, attitude, and commitment on the part of the tutors?  
Sue: I have only used one tutor, but I feel that she was very professional and responsive to my daughter's needs.  

FT: Would you recommend FrogTutoring to your friends and family?
Sue: Yes, if they can afford it.  I would use the service more if it was less expensive. 


Frog Tutoring: How has your tutor helped you with your studying and learning skills?  
Maggie: She showed me ways to study, such as taking notes while reading, finding important information in the text (knowing what to look for), and making a study guide.

FT: What was your study method before meeting your tutor, and what is it like now?   
Maggie: Before tutoring, I mostly read over my notes from lectures, but now I read the chapter and take notes on it.  

FT: What would you say are the best things your tutor does to help you learn?  
Maggie: She explained some things to me that I didn't understand.  Also, she quizzed me to help me recall information for a test.

FT: How has your tutor influenced your motivation to do your homework?
Maggie:  I am more motivated to read the chapter because I learned a strategy that I can use to help me understand it.​

To learn more about Sarah, the subjects she tutors in, her interests, and to request her as a tutor, check out her tutor profile: