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Fun Facts

One thing people learn about me is that I love Photography! My favorite types of pictures to take are action and nature! Whenever I am not at school or work, you will most likely find me with a camera in my hands! I have two Westie Terrier Mix Dogs, one Red Eared Slider Turtle, and several dozen fish for pets. I am a total Pet Lover and enjoy all animals! I also am learning to play the guitar and enjoy doing Arts and Crafts!

About Me

I am a senior at San Jose State University majoring in BA Math Prep for Teaching Secondary Education. Once I graduate with my Bachelor's Degree, I will be attending the Credential Program at CSU Stanislaus! My dream is to be a High School Math Teacher! Eventually, I would like to move out to Modesto and put my teaching skills to good use!


Ever since I graduated high school, I have been tutoring others! I currently work at Santa Clara High School as an AVID Tutor, but recently moved to Antioch. Since moving, I am looking for new students to tutor & show the joy of mathematics! I have worked several jobs where I tutored all ages (including special needs) from being Elementary After School Program Leader to Co-Teaching Grade 6-8 Summer School. Working for Frog Tutoring means that I am able to impact more students in my area!


All throughout school, math has been my strongest subject. I realized in Elementary School that not all of my peers were so lucky. Since then, I began to help those who needed it most. Over the years, my passion for teaching has increased exponentially. When I graduated high school, I was given the opportunity to tutor students and I took it. My belief is that every student has the ability to succeed! We may need different methods of teaching, but we are all able to learn the material!

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San Jose State University

BA Math Prep for Teaching Secondary Eduaction

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College Algebra Tutoring

I have tutored students in College Algebra and Pre-Algebra. When I started college, I did not need to take this course because I already took it in Middle School. My grade for Algebra 1 was an A.

Math Tutoring

I have tutored Math in general ranging from Numbers and Remedial College Math to Algebra 1 and 2. I skipped over these courses in college since I took them in Middle and High School and received an A.

Spanish I Tutoring

I took Spanish 1 in Middle School and received an A. I then went on to Spanish 2, 3, and AP Spanish, where I received the letter grades A, B, B and also a 3 on my AP Spanish Exam.

Study Skills Tutoring

I have helped those in Remedial Classes, most often they also were enrolled in a study skills class. The goal is to increase their study ability, and to promote better study strategies.

Algebra Tutoring

I work regularly with High School Students in Algebra 1. My grade was an A when I took the course and I have been very successful in raising grades in Algebra.

Algebra II Tutoring

I have plenty of experience teaching Algebra 2 and received an A in the course. My specialty is raising Math grades in Students' struggle courses.

Arts Tutoring

I have taken several courses in Photography (grade A), Ceramics (grade A) and have Tutored other arts like painting, and drawing.

Biology Tutoring

I tutor Biology for High School Students at a local high school. I took the course in High school and received a B, and took a different Biology Course in college and received a B as well.

Calculus Tutoring

I took Calculus in High School and received an A, and then continued on to take the college calculus series. I took and passed Calculus 1, 2, and 3, with the grades A, A. and B.

Geometry Tutoring

I took Geometry in High School and was able to earn a B in the course. As a student I struggled with it, but once I enrolled in an upper division geometry course in college, I earned an A.

Homework Coach Tutoring

Helping coach students is part of my tutoring. I regularly push students to try their best and succeed. I enforce the values of "never giving up" and help students create a study schedule or homework list per class.

Pre Algebra Tutoring

I have taught Pre-Algebra for High School and Middle School Students. When I took the course in Middle School, I got an A.

Science Tutoring

My topics in Science are Earth Science, Basic Science, and Biology. When I took the courses, I earned the grades A, A, and B.

Spanish II Tutoring

I have tutored High School Students in Spanish 1 and Spanish 2. I am not a native born Spanish speaker, but I learned Spanish as a young child and increased that amount of learning during middle and high school.

Trigonometry Tutoring

I have tutored Trigonometry for High School Students over the last few years. I encourage students to use their resources like their notes and textbook to help find a method of solving the problem, instead of just asking for help without trying first.

English Tutoring

I tutor students in English for all middle school grades. In my courses, I earned A's all throughout Middle School English Courses. I encourage students to proof read their essays first, and then ask for help.

Math Advance Tutoring

In Middle School, Advanced Math should be Geometry or Algebra 2. Most middle schools do not offer any courses above Algebra 1 Honors, but do allow students to take courses at the local High School.

Math Middle School Tutoring

Middle School Math is either Basic Math (Numbers based), or Algebra 1. I have co-taught both courses and have great success rates in tutoring students in these areas.

Reading Comprehension Tutoring

When tutoring students in Reading Comprehension, I ask them to re-read the passage and de-construct each sentence to find the true meaning of the passage.

Spanish Tutoring

Spanish has been my second language all my life, and once I entered middle school, I was able to learn even more. I enjoy tutoring students in Spanish and earned A's in all my middle school Spanish courses.

Writing Tutoring

While tutoring writing courses, I encourage students to re-read their own writing and use higher academic vocabulary, when possible.

Math Elementary Tutoring

I tutor Elementary Math which consists of: Numbers, Fractions, Multiplication, and beginning Algebra (like variables). Way back in Elementary School, I earned A's in all my math courses.

ACT Prep Math Tutoring

ACT Prep includes Math, Science, and English. All three of those subjects I tutor in the Regular High School.

PSAT Tutoring

My PSAT score was 158, which equivalents to 1580 for an SAT score. I tutor PSAT, but not SAT because I like helping students focus on what they need to work on.

STAAR Math Tutoring

STAAR Math consists of Numbers, PreAlgebra, Algebra, and some Geometry. All of these courses I have Co-Taught or tutored for over 4 years. My STAAR Math score was the highest score available at the time (Advanced).

STAAR Reading Tutoring

STAAR Reading consists of Reading Questions From English Classes. It is mainly Reading Comprehension between several different passages.

STAAR Science Tutoring

STAAR Science consists of Earth Science and Biology. There are several questions of each subject that would normally be covered in 9th Grade Science. I tutor both of these subjects at the Middle School and High School Level.

Microsoft PowerPoint Tutoring

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software used to make presentations online. These presentations can be one or two slides up to several (over 50) slides. Students will be able to create PowerPoint Presentations and execute them on a display.

Microsoft Word Tutoring

Microsoft Word is a software to write essays and typing documents. Word is also used for many items, including inserting pictures and graphs. Students will be able to create documents, insert tables, insert charts, and export documents as pdfs.

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