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Alejandra L.
Alejandra L. is a private tutor in Aurora IL
Fluent Spanish tutor 
Middle School
Elementary School

Fun Facts

I'm from Colombia, my first language is Spanish but I also speak English and Italian, I love reading and dancing.

About Me

I'm 18 years old, I'm currently attending college of dupage and I want to be a lawyer.


As a member of the Spanish honor society, I had the opportunity to tutor some students in high school and also I like helping my friends.


Spanish is my first language and I would like to share my abilities with people that are struggling, I know learning a new language can be hard so I will be nice and patient.

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Spanish I Tutoring

My Spanish is perfect, it's also my first language and in high school i took the AP exam and got the highest score which is 5.

Spanish II Tutoring

Because Spanish is my first language I know I can teach this language perfectly.

Spanish III Tutoring

I got the highest score on my AP Spanish exam.

Spanish Tutoring

I'm very good in grammar, and I know all vocabulary as well.

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