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Fun Facts

I`m a HUGE Football guy. I love Philadelphia sports and everything about them. I grew up in FL but moved to MI in 2015. I love social situations, karaoke, and learning things in a fun a interesting way.

About Me

I have my MBA from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. I have experience with business related studies such as entrepreneurship, business plans, Microsoft office programs, and have organized study habits. I do freelance work on the side and am looking to help others learn in a more effective and efficient manner.


MBA from the University of Central Florida
Bachelors in Science in Psychology
Completed four 40-page business plans
Excelled in mathematics throughout entire schooling
In the gifted program throughout entire schooling
VP of Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)


Throughout schooling, I have perfected techniques to help myself study effectively. This includes the use of mnemonic devices, relating school studies to other real world topics, and organizing my studying into tiny blocks that can be easily manageable.

My study method involves 3 steps. Total the amount of work needed. Break that down into tiny goals. Study those tiny goals until the large goal is met in a fun manner to not allow the study material to become boring.

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University of Central Florida


University of Central Florida


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Microsoft Excel Tutoring

With experience in school and the business world, I understand how excel works in terms of charts, formulas, project management, etc.

Microsoft PowerPoint Tutoring

Powerpoint presentations are easily learned. It's about knowing your way around the software.

Microsoft Windows Tutoring

I have been using Windows since the first Windows came out. I understand the ins and outs of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Word Tutoring

I have utilized Microsoft Word for the last two decades. It is my go-to word processor and thus understand how it works and how to make your word doc stand out from the rest.

Business Tutoring

Having received my MBA, I am a business expert.

College Algebra Tutoring

I excel in Algebra and below. College Algebra is still Algebra but with an older population.

Study Skills Tutoring

I am extremely organized and understand how to break down studying into manageable goals.

Algebra Tutoring

I excel in Algebra and can relate it to the everyday world with ease to increase learning.

Homework Coach Tutoring

Home work is just turning all of the work into smaller manageable goals.

Math Tutoring

Math, in general, in my best subject. All math Algebra and below I can tutor.

Pre Algebra Tutoring

I excel in math and pre-Algebra is no different. It's about relating it to the everyday world and learning tricks in small amounts.

Psychology Tutoring

I received my bachelors in Psych so I am pretty knowledgeable about Psychology and how to study it.

SAT Prep Math Tutoring

On my SAT, I received extremely high scores in the math section. It is about logic and eliminating choices.

Math Middle School Tutoring

Math middle school involves Algebra and below and I excel in tutoring math.

Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Comprehension involves reading and understand the words being read. It involves slowing down and putting together sentences slowly. Very very slowly.

Science Tutoring

Middle school science is fun. It involves learning the basics of biology and chemistry and other basic sciences. As with all learning, it all comes down to how the information is studied and learning in a fun and creative way.

Writing Tutoring

On my SAT, I got 6's on my essays. It's about organization and putting together a meaningful essay that hits all topics.

English Tutoring

I am fluent in English and can help tutor things like how nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. work together to form sentences.

Math Elementary Tutoring

Math elementary is where I excel. Basic math is extremely important and it's easy to relate it to the real world.

Social Studies Tutoring

Social studies can be boring or fun. If it is taught the right way, it can be easy to learn!

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