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Fun Facts

I love learning and practicing Gospel of God and music. I am a child of Omega Fire Ministries (good practitioners of the Word of God). The Gospel of Christ and music, are the two things I can never stop practicing. The depth of their knowledge is endless, with my searching of them which is in great abundance, there is more unwritten about them. I love to walk and study under people with deep knowledge or interest in knowledge. I believe that there is no perfect maturity or self' sufficiency

About Me

I am a junior Biology major, chemistry (BA), physics and french minor at The University of Akron. I have a solid 4.0 GPA. My next set level, if so likely, is to attend Harvard Medical School with the hope of becoming a God made surgeon.


I have all the qualifications as a tutor, but lack the office that gives the title. However I have brought friends, and a child at church to my table, and thought them without expecting anything in return. I have taken leadership roles in class discussions and projects during the course of my studies. Most of the lessons I have taken so far in college, I self-taught. The testament of my works can be proven my professors, fellow classmates (helped with class notes says I am saver) in writing.


I stretch myself to increase my capacity of containing concepts, applying common sense, and accessing the right formulas in tutoring. My approach is easy, working, and creates no deficiency. I, stating that, I become humble and respectful with those I tutor is overrated. Through the use of discussions, study guide with provided guidance, and time management, do some of the tricks and let me less of a magician. I often make suggestions after revision of concepts.

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University of Akron


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