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Fun Facts

I am a huge STEM nerd, if it's about anything STEM I'm all in. I'm the kinda guy who will crash classes for fun. I'm also a huge fan of anime. I'm an aspiring content creator and would like to create something like 3b1b and vTubering shoved together into one medium. I also like to build random stuff and dig through trash.

About Me

I use mathematics and computer science constantly. I'm a technical finance trader and I put my money where my math is. I also made a starup called Xenon Full Body, which was powered by calculus and linear algebra, but that didn't end so well (Oculus released something way better.) I have an associates degree from Fresno City College, but I consider what I taught myself to be equally valid.

You can holler at me with this (559) 216 3808.
And you can see my internet shenanagains here:


I was a mentor for elementary school lego robotics.
I taught my mom medical laser physics for an exam she had to take.
When in school, I taught other students, since I usually was one of the first to get the material. They say the best way to learn is to teach.
I taught computer science in high school.
I do this job.


My first goal is to inspire; if the student is genuinely interested, they'll teach themselves. I can't stress the importance of mathematics enough in a world that's getting more complex and data and computer based every year. My second is giving an intuitive grasp on math. If math is felt, rather than just memorized the student will actually use it in everyday life. I've spent a long time honing my mathematics core, and am thrilled to pass it to others.


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California State University Fresno

Mechanical Engineering

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