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Fun Facts

I grew up going to a Christian School, and finished high school being home schooled from 5th to 12th grade! I was home-schooled through a program known as Abeka Video Academy, an affiliation of Pensacola Christian College, where I ended up going to school and receiving my education.

I enjoy playing racquetball with my dad and watching awesome movies with friends. I also am a Cowboys, Broncos, and Hurricanes fan.

My dad was the middle aged in his family with two sisters. I am the exact same, middle aged with two sisters. Like they say: "like father like son."

About Me

I was born on November 12, 1986. I grew up going to church and christian school. In high school I began to get the desire to become a teacher myself. Two teachers really inspired me. The first was my third grade teacher at Evangel Christian Academy in Albuquerque. Her name was Mrs. Airhart and she was the most friendly and good teacher that I knew at that school. The second was Mr. McBride, a teacher for Abeka Video Academy and Pensacola Christian College. I remember he used to make history especially come alive for me.

I have received training at school through my secondary education degree and my undergraduate mathematics degree. I am looking forward to gaining valuable teaching experience.

My tutoring philosophy can be summed up this way: A tutor's job is to be a second teacher away from the classroom. He is to help the student grasp the concepts that are taught in class. As for a mentor, my pastor at school said it best and I agree with him: My job is to make these grow closer to God and to their families. If a student does not grow closer to his family, then I have failed in my mission as a tutor.

I too want to make a difference in the lives of young people. As we used to say at Pensacola Christian College, "To God, be the glory! Great things he has done."

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