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10 Black Math Tutors We Should All Celebrate

The year 2020 will forever go down in history as a pivotal moment shaping our country.  We are faced with a barrage of information and a need to bring change to the world in which we live. How do you go about changing social and racial inequalities?   Nelson Mandela said it best stating that, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  At Frog Tutoring, not only are we a black-owned business, but we want to celebrate some of our black math tutors that work daily, shaping the minds of our future, impacting change through their voices, time and dedication.  Read on to find about more about Frog Tutoring’s Top 10 Black Math Tutors:

Davisha T: Davisha graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with honors in the top 10% of her class and is currently working on her graduate work in biologically based science to ultimately work with shelter animals as an Animal Behaviorist.  As you can tell, she loves animals!  She feels that, “Every student is capable of grasping the material with the appropriate support.”  One of her families says, “Davisha was such a blessing. She worked with Luke when school got cancelled because of covid. She took getting him up to speed very seriously and my son LOVED working with her. She is a valuable employee for FrogTutoring!”  Click on the link below to learn more about Davisha.

Bathsheba P: Bathsheba majored in Math and Computer Science with honors and distinction at Philander Smith College.  She hopes to get her PHd in Cyber Security.  She has extensive tutoring experience working with her college to help peers understand the fundamentals of math.  Want to learn more?  Click on the link:

Marthe T: Marthe majored in Biology and Biochemistry from Baylor and has also received her Post-Bac in Biostatistical Research.  She has been tutoring for the past 15 years and is incredibly multifaceted in the subjects that she can tutor.  From ACT Prep to French to Biochemistry, is there anything that she can’t do?  One of Marthe’s students says, “Marthe, was an excellent tutor! She was more than what I expected of a tutor. She was very knowledgeable about the subjects that I needed help on; she even showed me different ways to obtain information ( better study habits). During the session, we reviewed everything and then the next session I would be tested. She also encouraged and motivated me to not give up on something when things can be confusing or difficult. With all her help, I finally passed the TEAS with a proficient score that is more than acceptable for the school I applied for. Thank you Marthe for everything!” Read more about Marthe:

Ryon A: Ryon is newer to Frog Tutoring, but is another amazing example of Frog Tutoring’s Top 10 Black Math tutors!  He is a first year medical student at Emory University and works to develop a rapport with each of his students.  His extensive knowledge of the sciences and math, along with his experience taking the MCAT, make him the perfect candidate for all those struggling with these concepts.  Ultimately, he would like to use his tutoring experiences to help train physicians. Read more about Ryon:

Trevaris S: Trevaris is working on getting his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science.  With a 5 star rating, he tutors everything from Java to Calculus to Guitar. One of his students says,  “FANTASTIC!! 5 stars 🌟  I was worried at first because I’ve been out of school for so long and it would be a lot of information to cover for my accuplacer test. I talked to TreVaris over the phone for the first time and he instantly referred me to khan academy for practice. When we first meet he was so organized, he brought materials and listened to all my questions. The problems I didn’t understand he went over them with ease. Overall I passed my accuplacer exam in all sections!!(first try)!! THANK YOU TREVARIS!!!!”  He has a passion for linguistics with a focus on constructed languages.  What are constructed languages, you might ask?  Elvish (J.R.R. Tolkien) , Klingon (Star Trek), and Dothraki (Game of Thrones) are a few examples that you might know!  Trevaris the tutor for you?  Read more about him here:

Assata A: With a B.A in Physics and Sociology from Bryn Mawr College, Assata is currently working on obtaining her PhD program in materials science engineering.  She hopes to become a Patent Scientist.  She has tutored students of all ages in math and science, as well as helped high school students with SAT Prep. One of her students described her as, “Assata's knowledge and understanding of the material was very strong. She was able to break the information down to a more understandable level.”   Assata is definitely an asset to Frog Tutoring and you can read more about here!

Hameed S: Hameed is a certified management accountant (CMA) holder with over 10 years of accounting and finance experience both in the academic and the corporate sector.  In addition, he played soccer professionally and is originally from Nigeria.  Hameed is committed to engaging the student in the learning process and hopes the tutoring he does has impact to the global community.  Students describe him as ”Very easy to work with, does an amazing job of working through questions in a way that's easy to follow and understand.” Read more about Hameed:

Daniel O: Daniel completed his Graduate work in Scientific Computing and Math at Harvard University!  He has B.S in Math with minors in Comp science and Economics at The College at Brockport, New York, where he was a recipient of a number of awards and a full scholarship and actually finished in 2 ½ years!  Students say, “He was super helpful! I was very pleased with my session today.”  Daniel works with students to gauge the best learning style, but often relies on the student to come to conclusions instead of just giving the answer which enables the student to learn and retain the information.  Read more about this Top 10 Black Math tutor here:

Dami A: Dami has close to 900 hours with Frog Tutoring and has been with the company for 5 years!  He has extensive experience tutoring students in math and science.  His love of education and shaping young minds keeps him working with Frog Tutoring.  One of his families says, “Dami was phenomenal! We were so excited when he showed up due to his referral from our friends, and in just one evening he helped to restore some lost confidence. He quickly gave our daughter some tricks that cut down on the confusion and frustration. He was able to accomplish in one evening what her math teacher hasn't been able to accomplish in weeks. We look forward to working with him a lot in the future to salvage our daughter's confidence and grade in pre-algebra :) We have quickly seen the benefit of having a professional work with her. No tears, for parents or child!”  Read more about Dami:

Sylvester A: Sylvester has his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and won the Bill & Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship (approximately $500,000) which covers full tuition up to Ph.D.  He LOVES math and along with his high school math team went all the way to Nationals.  In addition, he also enjoys writing poems and essays and is a well rounded tutor!  One of his students says, “Sylvester is an extremely hard worker and has dedicated a lot of his time to helping find formulas and videos to help me understand. I couldn't ask for anyone better. He drew everything out so all of my test reviews were clear and he did it efficiently. Thank you!”  Read more about Sylvester:

All of the above tutors are the very definition of excellence in tutoring, which is why at Frog Tutoring we are proud to include them in our 10 Top Black Math Tutors!  Call us today to get more information about stating your tutoring at (877) 904-0134 or “Request Me Now” in your tutor’s profile!
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