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Best Elementary Math Tutors Near Me in Miami for In-Home Tutoring

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Elementary math education is the foundation of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. If you're looking for a Math Tutor in Miami for your child in elementary school, you're in the right place. 


Our selection criteria ensure that these tutors are more than educators; they are mentors who connect with young minds. Join us as we celebrate these remarkable individuals who make math an enjoyable adventure for elementary students. Get ready to meet the architects of mathematical confidence and success.


Caterina P. - Experienced & Compassionate Math Tutor




Caterina P. is an accomplished Math tutor known for her compassionate teaching style. As a dedicated stay-at-home mother of three, she brings a unique blend of academic excellence and nurturing guidance to her tutoring sessions. 

Caterina holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering and a Masters in Integrative Medicine, and she consistently achieved Dean's list status throughout her academic journey, culminating in being salutatorian of her class. Her passion for teaching extends beyond the classroom, making her a sought-after educator among students of various backgrounds. When not tutoring, 

Caterina enjoys engaging in sports, practicing yoga, participating in Zumba classes, and sharing her love for music through singing.



  •       Mathematics (Various levels, from elementary to college)
  •       Biomedical Engineering concepts
  •       Integrative Medicine



  •       Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering
  •       Master's degree in Integrative Medicine
  •       Exceptional academic record with Dean's list achievements
  •       Proven experience as a university tutor
  •       Founder of a free tutoring group in high school


Why Choose Caterina P.:

Caterina embodies the philosophy that a tutor should serve as a facilitator of learning, encouraging students to explore and understand concepts independently. Her approach focuses on guiding students to arrive at answers themselves, fostering a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. Caterina's talent lies in pinpointing areas where students face difficulties and addressing the root of the problem, ultimately boosting their confidence as they gain a more profound grasp of the material. With her extensive educational background and a passion for teaching that has driven her to create study groups and tutoring initiatives, Caterina P. is the ideal choice for those seeking an empathetic and skilled Math tutor.


Success Stories:

"Caterina is a phenomenal tutor who helped me conquer my fear of math. Her patient approach and ability to break down complex problems into manageable steps made all the difference. I not only improved my math skills but also gained confidence in my abilities." - Sarah M., College Student

"I can't thank Caterina enough for her guidance. My daughter was struggling with math in high school, and Caterina's tutoring turned her performance around. She went from failing grades to earning A's and B's. Caterina's dedication and nurturing teaching style made all the difference." - Lisa R., Parent of a High School Student

Miguel M. - Accomplished Mathematics and Electronics Tutor:




Miguel M. is a highly accomplished tutor specializing in Mathematics and Electronics. His academic journey began with Honors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, followed by a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer Science from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. 

Miguel's commitment to education extended beyond engineering, as he pursued a Master's in Family and Marriage at the Universidad de Navarra, Spain, showcasing his diverse intellectual pursuits. With over a decade of experience instructing mathematics and electronics at both high school and university levels, Miguel has honed his ability to simplify complex concepts and prepare students for standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and more.



  •       Mathematics (Various levels, including advanced topics)
  •       Electronics
  •       Test preparation (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc.)



  •       Honors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Lafayette College)
  •       Master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer Science (University of California, Berkeley)
  •       Additional master’s degree in Family and Marriage (Universidad de Navarra, Spain)
  •       More than ten years of teaching experience
  •       Creator of the "Learn to Learn Math" system.


Why Choose Miguel M.:

Miguel's teaching philosophy revolves around recognizing the uniqueness of each student. With his extensive experience, he tailors his instructional methods to suit the specific needs of individual learners. After the initial session, Miguel can accurately assess a student's current level and devise a personalized learning plan. Beyond teaching math concepts, he empowers students with the techniques needed to excel in tests. 

Miguel's unique "LEARN TO LEARN MATH" system, which he developed, offers a comprehensive approach to mastering mathematics and enhancing overall learning capabilities.


Success Stories:

"Miguel's tutoring was a game-changer for me. I struggled with advanced math concepts in college, but his creative teaching approach made everything click. Thanks to his guidance, I not only improved my grades but also developed a deeper appreciation for mathematics." - John D., College Student

"Miguel's expertise in test preparation is unmatched. He helped me achieve a top score on the GRE, opening doors to graduate programs I thought were out of reach. His personalized approach and dedication to his students are truly remarkable." - Emily S., Graduate School Applicant

Ingrid K. - Exceptional Ivy League Freshman and Engaging Tutor



Ingrid K. is an accomplished incoming freshman at an Ivy League university with a keen focus on Biology. Her impressive academic journey includes graduating from college with an associate degree in arts with highest honors and a flawless 4.0 GPA. In high school, she achieved a diploma of distinction with a remarkable 5.2 GPA. 

Ingrid's passion for education extends beyond her own studies; she has dedicated herself to tutoring students in Middle School-level English and Math, as well as High School Geometry for two years. Her tutoring experience spans students of all grade levels, ranging from 6th graders to high school seniors.



  •       Biology
  •       Middle School English and Math
  •       High School Geometry



  •       Incoming freshman at an Ivy League university
  •       Associate degree in arts with highest honors and a 4.0 GPA
  •       High school diploma of distinction with a 5.2 GPA
  •       Two years of tutoring experience


Why Choose Ingrid K.:

Ingrid's academic achievements and her commitment to tutoring underscore her dedication to excellence in education. Her tutoring sessions are highly engaging, featuring meticulously crafted PowerPoints designed to foster student engagement and understanding. 

Ingrid's approach encourages students to actively participate in problem-solving, enabling them to develop a deeper and more complex grasp of the subject matter. Her track record of helping students achieve significant progress attests to her effectiveness as a tutor.


Success Stories:

"Ingrid's tutoring sessions were a game-changer for my child's understanding of geometry. Her PowerPoint presentations made learning enjoyable, and the homework assignments after each session reinforced what was learned. My child's confidence in math improved significantly, all thanks to Ingrid." - Sarah M., Parent of a High School Student

"Ingrid's tutoring not only helped me understand challenging concepts but also made me fall in love with learning. Her engaging approach and encouragement to tackle problems independently have been instrumental in my academic success." - Alex L., Former Geometry Student


Nitza D. - Accomplished Math & ESOL Educator:




Nitza D. is an experienced educator with a strong focus on Mathematics and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Holding a master’s degree in special education for grades K to 12 from the University of Phoenix, Nitza brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to her teaching practice. 

She is a Florida Certified Teacher in Special Education (K-12) and Math (grades 5 to 12). 

Nitza also possesses a bachelor’s in business administration with a major in Finance, equipping her with expertise in stock market trading strategies and technical indicators. With over two decades of experience, she has successfully advanced students in mathematics at both school and college levels, and she has a special talent for helping elementary-level students learn to read. Her teaching spans a wide range, from Pre-K to master’s degree levels, including children with disabilities. As a bilingual educator proficient in both English and Spanish, Nitza is well-equipped to cater to diverse student needs.



  •       Mathematics (Grades 5 to 12)
  •       ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  •       Special Education (K-12)
  •       Finance, Stock Market Trading Strategies, and Technical Indicators



  •       Master’s degree in special education (grades K to 12)
  •       Florida Certified Teacher in Special Education (K-12) and Math (grades 5 to 12)
  •       Bachelors in business administration with a major in Finance
  •       Extensive experience in advancing students in Math and helping elementary students learn to read.
  •       Over 20 years of experience in education
  •       Proficiency in English and Spanish


Why Choose Nitza D.:

Nitza's teaching approach is highly personalized. She begins by assessing each student's unique needs, setting clear goals, and developing a customized plan of action. Her dedication goes beyond teaching; she empowers her students to become independent learners who can confidently solve problems and overcome challenges. 

Nitza derives immense satisfaction from witnessing her students succeed in their classes and excel in state and college tests. Her ability to bridge learning gaps and help students grasp previously challenging concepts makes her an ideal choice for those seeking effective and supportive education.


Success Stories:

"Nitza is not just a tutor; she's a mentor. She helped me not only understand math but also find the joy in learning it. Her patient guidance made a significant impact on my academic journey." - Maria S., College Student

"We were struggling to find the right tutor for our child with special needs. Nitza's expertise in special education and her ability to adapt to our child's unique learning style has been a game-changer. Our child has made remarkable progress under her guidance." - David and Lisa M., Parents of a Special Needs Student

Margaret M. – Dedicated Math and Reading Tutor




Margaret M. is a dedicated tutor with a strong commitment to helping students achieve their academic and personal success. Her primary goal is to empower others to pursue their interests and build a happy and successful future. 

Margaret's educational background includes studying medical coding and billing at CBT College and accounting at Miami Dade College in Kendall, Florida. She has a heartfelt connection to education, having previously worked for Miami Dade Public Schools until 2003, when she found immense joy in working with children.



  •       Mathematics (Various levels)
  •       Reading (All age groups)
  •       Qualifications:
  •       Study of medical coding and billing at CBT College
  •       Study of accounting at Miami Dade College
  •       Previous experience with Miami Dade Public Schools
  •       Involvement in extracurricular activities such as Girl Scout leadership and Parent Teacher Association

Why Choose Margaret M.:

Margaret's personal journey with mathematics, where she initially struggled but received assistance from a caring teacher, has fueled her passion for helping others in this subject. Her own experiences have instilled patience and empathy, making her a nurturing and effective tutor. 

Margaret takes great pride in assisting students who may be facing challenges in math and reading, as she understands the value of personalized support and guidance in overcoming difficulties.


Success Stories:

"Margaret's support was invaluable in helping my child improve their math skills. Her patience and understanding made the learning process enjoyable, and my child's confidence soared as a result." - Sarah D., Parent of an Elementary Student

"Margaret's dedication to teaching and her involvement in school activities like the Parent Teacher Association had a positive impact on our school community. She has a genuine passion for education, and it's evident in the way she supports students." - Emma K., School Principal


Rocio A. - Aspiring Biologist and Future Doctor:




Rocio A. is an aspiring biologist with a passion for biomedical sciences and a strong desire to make a difference in the field of healthcare. Currently majoring in biology at Florida International University (FIU), Rocio's journey into the world of healthcare began early, as she started studying biomedical sciences in the ninth grade. Her dedication to the field is evident through her certifications, including CPR, EKG, and CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant), all earned during her high school years.

 Rocio's goal is to graduate with a bachelor's degree in biological science and pursue a medical career, specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN).



  •       Biology
  •       CPR, EKG, and CMAA certifications
  •       Aspiring medical professional (OB/GYN specialization)



  •       Pursuing a biology major at FIU
  •       High school background in biomedical sciences
  •       CPR, EKG, and CMAA certifications
  •       Experience as an intern at a pediatrician's office
  •       Extensive experience helping students, including her younger brother with ADHD.


Why Choose Rocio A.:

Rocio's unique combination of academic pursuits, certifications, and a heartfelt desire to become a doctor makes her a standout tutor. Her understanding of diverse learning styles, acquired through assisting her younger brother and classmates, allows her to adapt her teaching techniques to individual students. 

Inspired by her mother, a seasoned teacher with over 20 years of experience, Rocio values the importance of positivity in education. She brings this positivity and a nurturing approach to her tutoring sessions, creating an environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential.


Success Stories:

“Rocio’s dedication and guidance have been a game-changer for my child with ADHD. Her patient and adaptable teaching style have helped my child transition from struggling to a star student. We’re incredibly grateful for her support.” – Maria P., Parent of a Middle School Student.

Rocio’s passion for the sciences is contagious. She made biology engaging and accessible for me, and her real-world experience as an intern at a pediatrician’s office added depth to her teaching. She’s not just a tutor; she’s an inspiration.” – Carlos M., High School Student


Eve I. – Passionate and Multifaceted Educator



Eve I. is a versatile educator with a diverse background that includes experience in management, sales, and real estate. However, her true passion lies in the field of education. Eve has discovered immense satisfaction in engaging students and witnessing their learning journeys. Her dedication to teaching and her ability to connect with students make her an asset in the educational realm.



  •       Tutoring (Grades 3-12)
  •       Subjects: Math, Civics, Science, ELA
  •       ESL Teaching
  •       TESOL Certification



  •       Extensive experience as a tutor with Tutor Gigs
  •       Successful ESL teaching experience with Qkids
  •       TESOL certified.


Why Choose Eve I.:

Eve's journey across various professional domains has equipped her with a unique perspective and a wealth of skills that she brings into the classroom. Her commitment to lifelong learning is a testament to her belief in the power of education. 

She emphasizes inquiry-based learning, encouraging students to explore and discover knowledge for themselves. Eve believes in building positive relationships with her students and utilizes positive reinforcement to motivate them. Her approach fosters a nurturing and engaging learning environment.


Success Stories:

“Eve’s approach to teaching is truly remarkable. My child struggled with math, but with Eve’s patient guidance and inquiry-based methods, they not only improved their math skills but also developed a love for learning.” – Susan W., Parent of a Middle School Student

“Eve’s ESL teaching with Qkids was transformative for my English skills. Her positive reinforcement and emphasis on building connections in language learning made the process enjoyable and effective.” – David L., ESL Student


Summary: Why Choosing the Right Tutor Matters

Choosing the right tutor for your high schooler is a decision that can significantly impact their academic journey. The 10 tutors profiled here not only meet high standards but also bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and dedication to the table. They offer diverse specializations, from mathematics and science to reading and ESL instruction, ensuring that your child's unique needs are met. Their qualifications, ranging from degrees in education and specialized certifications to hands-on experience in the field, inspire confidence in their ability to guide students to success.

These tutors understand that every student learns differently, and they tailor their approaches to individual needs. Their commitment to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment ensures that students not only excel academically but also develop a love for learning. As parents, you can trust that these tutors will go the extra mile to support your child's educational journey, whether it's conquering math anxiety, excelling in reading, or pursuing a passion for the sciences.

Call-to-Action: Reach Out to Our Dedicated Tutors

Now, it's your turn to act. If your high schooler needs support in math, science, reading, or any other subject, don't hesitate to reach out to these exceptional tutors. Their passion for education, commitment to individualized instruction, and track record of success make them valuable partners in your child's academic journey.

Contact the tutor whose expertise aligns with your child's needs and goals. Schedule a session and witness the transformation as your high schooler gains confidence, improves their grades, and discovers the joy of learning. Investing in the right tutor can make all the difference in your child's education, setting them on a path to future success and happiness.


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